Crying blood, Bleeding tears

She said she was okay

and you believed her?

let me tell you what’s really wrong with her

she’s tired

that’s exactly what she is, tired

she’s tired of getting hurt

she’s tired of being let down

she’s tired of all the lies

she’s tired of holding it all in

she’s tired of being broken, damaged,

worthless, never good enough, pain

she’s tired of all her flaws and insecurities

she’s tired of trying

she’s tired of getting her hopes up

she’s tired of being treated like crap

she’s tired, want to know how I know this?

because she’s me, I’m falling apart.


Easily broken

She sat alone,

alone and at home,

where her screams were silent,

but her mind was violent.

her insecurities hid deep inside,

and they did indeed eat her alive.

a tear rolled down her face,

as her heart began to race.

she took her blade and tore her skin,

where her depression lied deep within.

This went on for days, months, years,

and until she cried her very last tears.

She decided that she had enough,

the world around her was too tough.

She took a gun to her head.


…………..she’s dead………

An ocean of tears

You know that feeling?

When you’re just waiting.

Waiting to get home, into your room,

close the door, fall into bed,

and just let everything out that you kept in all day.

That feeling of both relief and desperation.

Nothing is wrong.

But nothing is right either.

And you’re tired.

Tired of everything, tired of nothing.

And you just want someone to

be there and tell you it’s okay.

But no one’s going to be there.

And you know you have to be strong,

for yourself, because no one else can fix you.

But you’re tired of waiting.

Tired of having to be the one to fix yourself and everyone else.

Tired of being strong.

And for once, you just want it to be easy.

To be simple. To be helped. To be saved.

But you know you won’t be.

But you’re still hoping.

And you’re still wishing.

And you’re still staying strong and fighting,

with tears in your eyes.

You’re fighting!

My battle of pain

There are so many things going on inside my mind. So many things that you won’t understand. All those insecurities. So don’t try to tell me that I’m having a bad day, because it’s been going on for so much longer. The tears, the desperate cries that no one seems to hear. But I just slip up sometimes and I can’t cover it up as well. I’m running out of strength and it’s getting harder and harder to keep it all in.

I will stay strong!

You’re not under your own stream

I know….

sometimes it’s hard to smile,

but you don’t have to reveal a grin on your face all the time.

I know…….It’s hard when….

It’s dead of night…..

you lie awake….

you cry your eyes out

your heart bleeds….

no love or attachments..

no insight

your life isn’t a fairy tale anymore

now it’s horror and….

you can’t do anything with it…

you crave the feeling of being a human again

you just try to sail away..

sail away from problems…

from pain…

you choose a way called

         SELF – HARM

You shouldn’t suffer and hurt yourself because of any problem in your life.

It’s not the right way because….

you can lose the most important thing

           YOUR LIFE

and why?

because of some girl who doesn’t like you?

because you can’t solve anything?

because someone’s bullying you?

because of anger and frustration in you?

because you don’t want to be racked with guilt and anxiety anymore?

I know these thoughts and concerns are terribly depressing..

and they can bring you low but self – harm isn’t the right answer.

If you tried taking another way…….

you have a chance to win this fight…!

you can neglect the pain..

and you can enjoy the little joy in your life

and I promise that these joys will gradually increase..

In the end…..your life will transform into a huge victory and success!

you won’t thirst for an end to this joy….

Don’t give up without fighting! 🙂


What life is about……

Life isn’t about if you have lots of friends, or if you are alone, and it’s not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life just isn’t about that.

But life is about who you love and who you hurt. It’s about how you feel about yourself. It’s about trust, happiness, and compassion. It’s about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. Life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance and building confidence. It’s about what you say and what you mean. It’s about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. Most of all, it’s about choosing to use your life to touch someone else’s in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise. These choices are what life’s about.

A Smile Cost Nothing But Gives Much

Did you know that many who have tried, but failed, to commit suicide, said that if some stranger had just acknowledged their humanity with a smile, they would have changed their mind?

A smile does not only have the power to save lives but also the ability to change someone’s actions if given to the right person at the right time. A smile is contagious, a lot like kindness. When someone is kind to a particular person that person then feels motivated to be kind towards others also. Smiling works in the same way. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner, and someone saw my grin. When she smiled I realized I’d pass it onto her.

I thought about that smile and then realized that it’s worth it. A single smile, just like mine could travel round the Earth. The most powerful aspect of a smile is that a smile itself is the most powerful human quality. It represents happiness, kindness, compassion and can give someone hope. A smile is defined as turning up the corners of your mouth to show an expression of happiness. Though really a smile has the hidden power to change lives. From saving someone’s life to simply cheering them up. We should all smile more often, after all, it’s free and the best thing someone can wear.