Don’t let their smile fool you

If you stop and look around, notice the people that walk past, notice the people you work with or even the people close to you. If you look close enough, you will see that each one of us is fighting our own battle. Whether it be a battle of overcoming a loss or even a battle to achieve our dreams. It may even be a battle to just be able to get out of bed each morning and make it to the next day.

No one’s life is as perfect as it looks

Even the successful, the beautiful and the well-known people that seem to have it all, think about it, do they really? We all have problems. The truth of the matter is that we will always face problems in some sort of manner. It’s a part of life and it’s what makes us grow.

We tend to judge and compare our lives to those that seem to have what we want but do we really know what they’re feeling? They may even have an illness we don’t know about. They may have some sort of addiction or experiencing abuse we don’t know about. They may be going through some tough circumstances. What people show to the public is not always necessarily the whole picture…

There is more to life than the glamor and what is shown on social media. Not everyone will post their problems. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. We shouldn’t compare our lives to others. We don’t know what it took for them to get to where they are and we don’t know the battle they are fighting themselves.


I have never met a strong person with an easy past

There are people that seem so confident, seem to have it together and when things get tough, it seems to not affect them as it would others. Their smile lights up the room and their presence is felt wherever they are. How can they be so happy? How can they be so strong? We start to wish we had their confidence and use the excuse that they can do it because they’re confident and it’s just not in our own personality.

In my journey thus far, some of the strongest, most confident people I have met have gone through the worst pain and struggles. Once I got to know them and learned of their past and their stories, my heart felt for them. I wanted to cry. They weren’t just naturally tough. They weren’t born with confidence. These people are the way they are because life gave them no other choice.

Comparing ourselves to others

We really shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. If we look deep enough we will find that we all are messed up. We all have issues. We all have fears. Some just hide it better than the others. The strongest and happiest people have been through hell and back. The only thing that kept them sane was the faith and hope that they would make it through the end of the dark tunnel.

Those people that seem to always be happy, always be laughing, always be smiling – take a deeper look. Don’t let their smile fool you because behind every smile, every laughter, every person is a story yet to be told.


57 thoughts on “Don’t let their smile fool you

  1. “We really shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. If we look deep enough we will find that we all are messed up. We all have issues. We all have fears. Some just hide it better than the others. The strongest and happiest people have been through hell and back.” Nothing can be truer than this! A very truthful post! Although flawed and broken, our brokenness is what makes each of us uniquely beautiful.

    Having said that, I wish to inform you that I’ve nominated your blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. You can check it out here:
    Keep on inspiring others through your lovely blog! 🙂

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  2. Wise words. Often the people who seem to be most successful are the unhappiest! Success, wealth and its trappings does not bring us happiness – it may bring a better quality of misery. But our happiness comes from within 🙂

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  3. Very good post and I agree, especially with the last one, “not to compare ourselves to others” because it can be done so easily and so many of us have done it before.. it can really tear at someone’s self esteem doing so, not ever good.


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  4. Such an empowering and inspiring post. And it’s so very true. Everyones heart holds a story. We are all on our own journey. But it’s something that we forget, as we always succumb to comparing our lives to others. Especially with all the social media out there nowadays, it’s so easy to compare our life to someones happy highlights that they post. We don’t see their life offline. Great post!

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