20 things that if you stop doing will make every second of your life worth living

1. Be whoever you want to be in front of the whole world, it doesn’t matter. But, stop lying to YOURSELF.

Yes, lying to your parents, teachers, siblings, friends – has always helped and we all have done it more than once so we know THAT’S OKAY. But don’t ever lie to yourself, it’s a difficult challenge but it’s the nicest thing you can do for yourself.

2. Happiness is PRICELESS so… stop trying to buy it.

To love, laugh and live, we never have to pay anything and thus, all our desires are gifted to us for free, we can’t buy them. Similarly, we can’t buy happiness we have to somehow find it, it may be hidden right around the corner.

3. And stop looking for happiness exclusively in others.

You have to find happiness in yourself first, only then can you share that happiness with someone else, someone new. You have to be content with what you are and what you have as an INDIVIDUAL.

4. Stop being afraid of trying new things just because you’re afraid of making a mistake.

People make mistakes all the time that’s how we’re made. But being afraid of making a mistake ends up leaving you adventure-less, fun-deprived and what not. Doing something new and making a thousand mistakes is much better than doing nothing and making no mistakes.

5. It’s hard, potentially the hardest thing to do – but stop stooping down to other people’s levels even if they force you to.

A lot of people will look down upon you often enough, just to bring you down to their level, however, lowering your standards for someone insignificant can’t be the right thing to do ever. You’re a good human being and nobody can ever change that until and unless YOU want to.

6. Worrying never solves anything so STOP WORRYING SO MUCH.

‘Worrying’ won’t rid you of your burdens for tomorrow. Yes, some worries are inevitable but in that case, stop worrying about things that won’t affect you at all 2-3-5 years down the line, first measure and then worry because there are a million things to worry about in LIFE.

7. Remember, you’re amazing just the way you are and you need to stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

It’s intimidating. A lot of times, you walk into the crowd and realize it’s so not you and you need to just fit in somehow. But you have to realize your exclusivity is what makes you so special. You don’t need to change for people to like you or for that matter, LOVE YOU. So…be yourself.

8. It’s a competitive world but if you don’t stop competing against anyone and everyone, you’ll have less time to focus on what YOU are doing.

It’s not important who has a big car or who is slimmer than you, what matters is how you as an individual are growing every day break your own record each day. That is all that matters, trying to be someone else can never be the aim of your life because it’ll do you no good even if you manage to achieve it.

9. Stop doing something you know you can do, do something that’s extraordinary.

Try adventures that you can later flaunt about even ‘trying’. You’ve got to learn something each day of your life, life is not easy but taking the easy way out does not teach you anything.  Living the hard way is the way to live.

10. Stop victimizing yourself because if you do, that will only increase with time.

If life were that easy, would it be worth living? No. It’s a curveball that life throws at you in phases; sometimes it’s good, sometime’s it’s bad but the good part is, they are always alternate, that is, good comes after bad or bad comes after good. Whenever you feel sorry for yourself, a minute is added to the time before the good side of the curveball comes to you. So, take something out of your bad phase – take some strength, realize the importance of feeling content and SMILE.

11. Stop holding grudges, it’s a waste of time and effort.

Be a bigger person – don’t carry around so much hatred in your heart, instead forgive the person who has done wrong to you because that incident or person is not worth wasting your feelings on. Move forward and don’t let that thing from the past ruin the happiness of your present.

12. Jealousy takes you nowhere so stop being jealous of what PEOPLE are doing.

Are you happy with yourself? That is the question that you need to answer. If you’re not, think of things that make you happy and do them because being jealous with everyone can NEVER solve your problem. In fact, it will always keep your *Panic mode* on.

13. Being a Perfectionist is great but silly most of the times. So, stop trying to be one.

In life, people only see what you did – where, why and how perfectly you did the task – is not rewarded by the world, after all, it’s what you did that gets you all the praises.

14. Acting like everything’s fine won’t make everything fine so stop hiding it, DO something about it.

You can’t be happy always in life, nobody is. It’s okay to have a bad day or a bad phase but it’s not okay to hide your feelings inside. Shed some tears – howl if you want to – it’s healthy. Take out all the sadness from your system and wait for good things to happen soon. Remember the curveball?

15. You’re human, you can only play one role in everyone’s life so stop burdening yourself by trying to be everything to everyone.

It’s really kind of you to think of doing as much as you can for every important person in your life but doing that is hard and you may never end up making even one person happy. What matters is when you make that one person smile who means the world to you because it totally makes a difference in that person’s life, all because of YOU.

16. Take responsibility for your own actions, stop blaming others for YOUR problems.

Nobody else has the power to take over your life, only you do. If you go on blaming others for all your troubles, that just means you’re running away from your own responsibilities and that will always keep you one step away from taking charge of your own life because IT’S YOURS.

17. Stop doing the same thing again and again.

If you spend all your time doing the same things over and over without any distractions at all, how will you ever learn new things in life? There’s so much to see, do and go to and too less time. So, STOP READING that book for the 100th time.

18. Stop wasting time explaining, just do what your heart says.

Your loved ones don’t need an explanation, they need you to be YOU and do whatever comes to your mind because they know your every move.

19. You need to stop holding on to your past, it’s over, it’s gone.

You have a long way to go but to face new beginnings, you have to first make space for it.

20. Stop giving up on opportunities just because you ‘think’ you’re not ready.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult but all great opportunities need you to do just that. So, be prepared even if you have to really push yourself push you hard and get ready to face great, grand challenges in life.



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