Stay strong

If you are at a point where you really feel it’s better to die than to go on living, then you have hit the bottom and once you have hit the bottom, there’s really no place else to go but up. so what have you got to lose by staying for the ride back up? you have far, far more to gain by going up, and absolutely nothing to lose by taking that trip back up, to the place where life can be happy and fulfilling. If your life is a place where suicide seems better that going on, think about some very important things. life can turn from horrible to wonderful in a very short period of time. your life, whether you know it today or not, has a positive impact on someone. It might be your family, your friends, your neighbors……..there is someone that know you in a way that you can’t see. Suicide is permanent……theres no turning back. the deep feeling you have today will be different tomorrow regardless of how down you feel, you’ll have something tomorrow, that you can, if you let it, make you feel better. Our problems are often so great, so real and feel so devastating that leaving life behind seems like the only answer, buy it’s not an answer. It leaves many, many questions for anyone we leave. please sleep. please cry hard, if you must, and ty to talk to someone ho loves duo.But please, also, put the idea of making a permanent end to what could be temporary problems out of your head. Every life has a purpose. every single one. please try to find yours before trying to kill yourself. no matter how bad it is right now, it can only get better, when you are down, try doing something nice to someone else. its sounds a little bit lame but it works, scientifically, it’s called helpers high. it gets our mind off depressing things and helps you add value to society and confidence in yourself.


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