The key to weight loss

How I lost it: Weight watchers and exercise. “I began working out once a week, then increased to 5 days. Enjoying what I did was the key.” When running on the treadmill became boring, I switched to indoor cycling and kickboxing.

Snacks: “Bananas, cucumber slices, grapes, and carrots I could take on the go.”

How I stayed on track: “Attending weekly WW meetings helped me stay accountable. If I slipped one week, the support of the community got me right back on track.”

My advice: “Avoid temptations. I stopped buying ice cream and chips because I knew if they were in my house, I’d eat them.”


2 thoughts on “The key to weight loss

  1. Yes. The more fit you are, the more you feel like tackling the world. Fitness builds energy that makes it possible to live with more zing and power. It’s the pep you’ll need to really go after your passions and goals.


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