A Brand New Me

I used to wake up every morning and wonder if there was any point in getting out of bed and starting the day I had ahead of me. I avoided social situations and had self-image issues. I was scared of everything and didn’t want to live life anymore.I had these feelings for a long time, years in fact but it wasn’t until June 12, 2015, that I realized how wrong something was. Unfortunately, this was the same day I wanted to end it all.

After this, I knew I needed help, but how? Where? Who could help me and most importantly who would want to? I was only 14 and I was confused. It felt as though there was a big wall between me and my possibility of a future or any hope.

Now, I still have my days, anyone who knows me can tell you that and yeah, it is hard and I struggled every day but I know how to cope my problems now. I surround myself with friends who love me and support me and I make sure I avoid my triggers. But the most important thing is that there is always hope. There is always someone out there who can and wants to help you. What I never realized but I want every single person to realize is that you are worth it. You are not a waste of oxygen.

I accept the challenges life brings and allow myself to feel everything I should. I am in a place I never thought I would be, and I would not change it for the world.Asking for help changed my life and I feel like a different person for it, I love the happy person I am now


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